The Kiwi Gun Blog has previously reported on the insane statistics for gang members having histories of gun offending.

Police say that of more than 3900 patched gang members and prospects, some 44 per cent had been charged with a firearms offence.

Of those, 9 per cent had been charged with five or more firearms offences.

The Blog has also detailed the endless joke penalties handed down to our worst offenders.

How very different our criminal landscape would be if this offending was taken seriously. 

Top Ten

Well the Kiwi Gun Blog wondered just HOW bad the situation was and so asked the Justice Minister for the top ten gun offenders.

Just how many firearm offences CAN a criminal rack up in New Zealand.

Here are the results from 1980 to 2017:


Yep. Some criminal – Around his other offending – has almost FIFTY firearms convictions.

Note that these are not charges – but convictions.

Is there now ANY doubt where the true cause of the criminal misuse of guns in New Zealand is?