The Police Union have just released their ‘Towards a Safer New Zealand’ policy guide.

It features two Police officers on the cover using PHONES. So you know this is state of the art law enforcement….

Here is a screen grab of the firearm policy section:



Police Union Summary



“Non-sports use handguns”

No. We have no idea what that is either.

The Blog called the Police Association today to ask.

They could not tell us but an expert was going to get back to us.

They didn’t.

Do the Police Union want to ban all antique collector pistols?

In their last attacks they specifically mention sporting pistols.

Their policy is incoherent.

Importation Restrictions

The Kiwi Gun Blog have previously reported on the Police union scare mongering about the number of guns coming into the country. But never saying what they want changed.



The Union president, Cahill, refuses to answer questions about this.

So – Again – the Police demand that our lawmakers look at the number and type of guns imported. But offer nothing more than insinuation.

The Blog has asked reporters to put these questions to Cahill. Perhaps they will next time he cries wolf. Perhaps not. The questions that you think they would ask the first time the issue was raised:

“What changes do you want to see?”

Seems pretty obvious….

We suggest that our readers also contact the journalists reporting on Cahill’s propaganda to demand that this question is asked.

“Increasing availability of firearms to criminals”

This phrase is repeated like a mantra by the Union. Is it true? Do our criminals suddenly have more access to guns OR are they just more confident in using them?

Because as the Blog has reported HERE our penalties for such offending is a joke.

Police Union: “Stricter controls on the sale, supply and registration of firearms are required if New Zealand is to halt the flow of illegal firearms into the hands of criminals”.

It is also notable that not once in this section on fighting gun crime did they mention punishing the criminals who abuse guns.


Where Did It Go?

The Police Union has since removed the document from their website.

They were also forced to remove it from their social media page.

The first 23 comments were from shooters pointing out why it was rubbish.

One comment summed it up best;

‘reading the comments – burning this bad has not been seen since Salem in the 1600’s’


But rather than debate their position – the Police Union again goes quiet.

They got what they were after. Some media interviews. They did some damage and slunk away.

As one of our readers observed. Its interesting how a man CLAIMING to represent 10,000 is seen as a legitimate instigator of policy. Yet those represent a quarter of a million people struggle to get their voice heard.

That must change.

Oh and the removed document is available by clicking the link below:


A final word to the Police Union……