The Kiwi Gun Blog has been investigating Police misconduct with firearms.

Also, the lack of training that has resulted in Police shooting each other – as well as innocent civilians – both on and off operations.

Many of these cases are not addressed in the mainstream media.

So the Blog asked just how many Police had been shot by other Police.

Superintendent Anna Jackson responded:

more no.PNG

Another outright refusal by Police to be held accountable

This information is required to evaluate Police performance and training.

Surely the media would have covered each case.

Likewise the names of those involved would have appeared in public inquiries and inquests.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is just seeking this information together.

Our understanding is that these cases, including recent ones are not as rare as they should be.

It is interesting to note that the UK Police instructions for how a disarmed civilian is supposed to respond to a terror attack is not dissimilar to how the NZ Police deal with inquiries regarding their performance:


Once again….

Our Police must be accountable.

As we are.

There job is difficult. But if it can be done much better – it should be.

These games withholding information that we are entitled to need to stop.

A complaint has been made to the Ombudsman.

It is our understanding that other government departments have been told by the Ombudsman that their employees can’t rely on s 9 as a means to withhold names.