The Kiwi Gun Blog has reported on the meetings of the ‘Law, Crime and Community Safety Council’.

Gun legislation was on the agenda. What does that mean for New Zealand shooters?

After more than two months of chasing – we get this:


The communique mentioned was not attached.

After chasing we received a document giving the following as the only record of what was discussed:



So our government has apparently made no binding agreement with Australia regarding a standardization of our gun control regimes. Despite anti gun groups pushing for such.

However – they refuse to say what was discussed.

What may be planned.

We REALLY need to keep an eye on this and other working groups like the National Multi-Agency Firearms Working Group.

Any policy development should be done in the open and with consultation with effected shooters.

Not in back rooms. With 250,000 shooters simply notified of the result later.