The Police claim that an ‘External technical advisory committee’ had been consulted in the production of the now withdrawn 2017 Arms Code.

So the Kiwi Gun Blog asked who they were.


Superintendent ‘Lurch’ Scahill responded:



So the Police invent law in the new code.

Then, after massive shooter backlash, claim that it was simply a series of ‘errors’ and remove the online document.

It was just a work in progress you see….

Then Police admit that OK…. they also printed and distributed 30,000 of them.

These are then withdrawn at the instruction of the Police Minister.

The Police Minister’s office refuses to say if anyone was punished for the expensive error.

Now the Police refuse to say who the mystery advisers were.

Why the secrecy?

They are happy to say who is on the other ‘Firearms Community Advisory Forum’.

That they ignore.


Getting a little sick of being lied to yet?

Of the zero accountability?

Of the utter lack of transparency?

Of the backroom deals?

You are not alone.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have complained to the ombudsman. Again.