More Police Union scaremongering from the website.

Check out these two stories:

From Megan Sutherland:

“unfortunately if things don’t improve then we would move to officers being armed”. 

From Dave Nicoll:

Unfortunately it was the licensed firearms owners that were getting burgled, Cahill said.

“We just think there needs to be a little more security.”

Or…. Arrest and jail the burglars?

The association would keep pushing for tighter gun regulations but Cahill said he feared action would not come about until the situation reached some kind of tipping point.

The only ‘Tipping point’ this nation needs is when the media finally have enough of the Police Union’s lies. Then stop printing them.

Why was NO effort made to get the view of others who are effected here?


This is perfectly unbalanced reporting. The standard when it comes to the issue of gun control.

Make a Complaint

The Kiwi Gun Blog will lay a complaint against these papers with the Press Council.

You may wish to as well:

The first step is to complain to the papers involved:

Then contact:

Or use the online process linked above.

There is a deadline so don’t delay in being heard. It doesn’t take long.

You may also wish to leave a comment on their pathetic reporting on their social media:

This ‘News’ site has received opinion pieces from the Kiwi Gun Blog on the issue of firearms – but never run them.