When did the last week pass without the Police Union scare mongering in the media about gun thefts and the vital importance of security?

The Police themselves have made such a fuss of safe certification that they have been taken to court as their actions were outside of law.

Yet the Kiwi Gun Blog keeps getting our readers telling us about the insanely long delays in having their security checked when they move residence.

So the Blog asked police what was the average wait time and what was the longest.


Superintendent Chris ‘Lurch’ Scahill responded today:


That is convenient eh?

Yet again – the Police managing the Arms Act are pushing for more needless controls when they continue to fail in their existing duties.

The basic ones.

Thousands of shooters with expired licenses go ignored.

No audit is performed on the firearms currently registered – despite Police knowledge of significant systemic errors.

Security goes unchecked.

Oh and the now familiar ‘No accountability’ thing.

Police National Headquarters has promised change.

We hope they mean it.