A representative from The Kiwi Gun Blog met with Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith yesterday.

This is man tasked with fixing the Police management of the Arms Act.

More details are available in a previous blog HERE.

Have to say, a good first impression.

The Superintendent stressed the priority that was being given to the concerns of shooters and outlined the coming changes hoped to improve the situation. Changes not without their challenges.

We then made clear that the majority of recent problems had come about from some Police simply inventing law – rather than from genuine management of the Arms Act.

We also raised the issue of gang members having been granted gun licenses and our concerns at Aussie criminals also gaining licenses due to failure of Police to data match.

Many other topics were covered. Including the security of our digital records. Some Police are being investigated at this moment for misuse of other Police records.

All up, a very positive meeting with a very frank exchange of views.

The proof will be in the follow through…… But we were left hopeful.

Contacting Police

If you wish to make a comment or suggestion on how Police processes can improve – here is the address:


We wish Mike rapid progress with his difficult task.

In the interests of transparency – our reporter was given a hot chocolate by Police.