New Zealand law allows for kiwis to keep and use firearms for defense.

Sound crazy?

Because the Police repeatedly specify that that is NOT a legitimate reason for applying for a firearms license. Right?

This from their website:


This from their arms code:


This becomes the common understanding……


But is is true?

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Look at this New Zealand law from 1846…..

s1. … Provided always that nothing herein contained shall extend or be construed to extend to prevent any person from carrying arms for the defence of his person or for sporting as by law he might before the passing of this Ordinance.

Right. There is our starting point.

The Kiwi Gun Blog asked Police where IN LAW this acknowledged right was lost.

They pointed us to the Thorpe Report.

Apparently they didn’t give that a lot of thought.

The ‘Report’ does argue against the possession of guns for self defense in New Zealand BUT – that is all it does.

Before then making the following suggestion:

RECOMMENDATION 1 That the new Firearms Act specifically provide that self-defence is not a legitimate purpose for the acquisition of firearms.

So we know that we HAD the right to self defense.

Then a judge CONFIRMED that we STILL had the right in 1997. When the Thorpe report was released.

We know that this recommendation – along with most of his other idiot ideas – was NEVER progressed to legislation since then.

The fact that Thorp recommends that it be included in legislation shows that it does not exist in present legislation.

What this means…

So we STILL have that right.

This surely means that Police should accept the desire to possess a firearm for self defense as a legitimate reason for applying for a gun license. For applying for a import permit. For a permit to procure and for possession of a firearm in many circumstances.

The Blog is not advocating a ‘Wild west’ situation. Rather drawing attention to this situation so people understand how rights become lost.

The OPINION of SOME Police became POLICY. 

That was passed off as the new way of things under the colour of law. An act done under the appearance of legal authorization, when in fact, no such right existed.

All too soon that Policy can indeed become LAW. As Thorpe wanted.

To quote Lord Cambden: “If it is law it will be in our books. If it is not to be found there, it is NOT Law.”

As our Police can NOT show any reason that we can not possess firearms for defense – we can.

Indeed we can show New Zealand law saying that we CAN.


Other law could prevent a citizen from carrying a weapon in public. But the fact is that many a far flung farm would benefit from a defensive tool. With crime high and violent and Police response time long.

If a citizen can not only match a Policeman’s skill with a firearm – but by far and a way exceed it – why should they not have a gun for this purpose?

It would be a small matter to learn and become expert in the applicable law in this area.

A long overdue strengthening of our self defense laws would of course help.

This could be one area to push back on come the next proposed changes to our gun laws.

Our UN Friends?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has reported about the government using UN regulations as our law.

Part of the document that they use is shown below.

Check out ‘d)’

If they are using this as a guide to our control….. Use it all.