Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith got back to us about the Police failing to vet criminals returning from Australia and then applying for NZ gun licenses.

The Kiwi Gun blog has detailed one horrific case in Peter Edwards.

Edwards had been granted a New Zealand firearms licence, despite having FIFTY THREE previous convictions in Australia.

He then went on to supply $50,000 worth of guns to our worst criminals.


“When we met on Tuesday you asked whether there were processes in place to ‘flag’ returning persons with criminals convictions (deportees from other countries coming back into NZ) to ensure that any application for a firearms licence could be considered with all available information. 

I have made the relevant checks and can confirm that the relevant systems are in place”. 

This is a very positive change.

The Police Minister at the time of the Edwards case – Judith Collins – had refused to talk to media about this dangerous failure of process. As had Police.

In a statement, she said that a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was still being negotiated with Australian police.

We assume that some version of this has now been put into place.

However, the Superintendent declined to answer further questions on other offenders who may have slipped through the system during the same time as Edwards. Or to clarify if the new process only applies to deportees. We assume not.

This remains a concern.

Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith has also followed up on the 29 local gang members known to have been granted gun license.

“I have asked the question of where Police are with this.  More information is coming but from what I am told the majority have been addressed appropriately”.

More good news.

A proper update is coming – stay tuned.