After MONTHS of back and forth – the Kiwi Gun Blog has finally managed to make our Customs service separate the number of firearms seized each year from the Air Soft toys.

It is crucial to force an honest conversation – because the media wont.

Look at this headline from Stuff:

‘Thousands of weapons intercepted at NZ borders as illegal imports rise’

Its opening line: The number of firearms seized at New Zealand’s borders has shot up seven-fold in the past year.

No you lying bastards. It really didn’t.

Here are the Results since 2010:

Please be aware that each firearm intercepted could be a drug dealer’s UZI or a collector’s flintlock with an ‘Incorrect declaration’.

Also remember that many may have been seized illegally and ultimately returned. As in THIS case.





c5 co.PNG




‘CCA’ is a Customs Controlled Area.

‘Other Location’ could be a private house or a sea port.

Now look at this incoherent nonsense of descriptions that they use:


What Is Getting Missed

So if these are the guns being intercepted – how many are being missed?

Nobody knows is the short answer. The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked numerous people – on and off the record – if there is even a guess the the percentage being missed. Nobody has a clue.

But the narrative from the Police Union is seen in most media reports and has been taken as gospel by our lawmakers. Here is an example:

‘Killer Haul at Our Border’

“…police had indicated most firearms used in crime were sourced locally or stolen rather than imported from overseas”. 

Yet we know that illegal importation of guns has proven a HUGE problem – as close as Australia.

Numerous anecdotes suggest that this is a significant issue in New Zealand as well.

In New Zealand at least one individual simply posted himself a submachine gun. He was fined.

Best case scenario – guns are not imported by criminals in large numbers YET. But will be as required. Unless we change their attitudes to possessing and using them. The End.