The Kiwi Gun Blog has reported that Police are letting THOUSANDS of  expired gun licenses go without action.

As of the 27th of February 2017, 6727 licenses are shown as currently expired.

2455 of these are in the process of being renewed.

Now 4272 remain….

Of those 2243 are shown as ‘Being actively sought for interview’.

We assume that means that a policeman left a message somewhere.

2029 were ‘Awaiting action’.

Or ‘Nothing has been done’ with over two thousand people.

We have also reported that Police have no idea how many shooters are MISSING from the old license system but then discovered they have written of at least 25,000 of them!

The Blog followed up to find out just how long some of these currently expired licenses had gone without attention. Under the new (ish) system.

As of 30th June 2017 the record was 1,819 days without resolution.

That is nearly five years.

That is nowhere close to good enough. What happened to that person and their guns?

What happened to the other thousands?

Here is what is supposed to happen:


So once again the Blog makes the point that even as some Police are calling for more tyrannical controls over kiwi owners – while still others are inventing issues that cause more problems – the Police are not even performing the bare necessities of their role.

If they actually do their job and we can make the courts do theirs – most of the nation’s gun problems will vanish.


There has been no response from the Police Commissioner – Mike Bush – about waving the late fee penalty as part of an amnesty to get many of these guns back under control.