Here is an interesting bit of New Zealand gun history.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has heard rumors for years about an exotic .22 caliber sub machine gun being issued to our riot police.


It is well known that Israel uses the caliber in this crowd control application but it seemed unlikely that New Zealand’s political landscape would allow such a thing.


Yep. The police armory boasts eight of these exotic arms.

They are called the American 180. It has a top mounted drum, holding of hundreds of .22 rounds and is surprisingly reliable.

The concept was that a lot of stopping power could be delivered that would not over penetrate and was accurate.

These were issued in the 1980’s and 90’s to the then Anti Terrorist Squad. Now the Special Tactics Group.


The eight special weapons are no longer issued. Having been replaced with the weapons seen today.

Here are three videos of the weapon in use:

The user manual and more details are available HERE.

Most importantly….

If these are no longer considered for service – SELL THEM TO US!