The following press release was sent to media and every Member of Parliament. It is in response to the latest scaremongering from the POLICE UNION.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have previously stated the need for shooters to CHANGE THE CONVERSATION. The engineered narrative around the issue of gun crime in New Zealand. Its causes and its solutions.

We feel that a big part of this is to highlight to media and Parliament both the extremist nature of the Police Union policy makers and the clear divide between them and others.

This must be well understood and it must be recognized and it must be a two part conversation from now on.

Then let the public decide the strengths of our case.


For Immediate Release 7/10/2017

How Can a New Zealand Criminal Grow a Record of 46 Convictions For Firearms Offending?!

From 1980 to 2017 – The top five gun offenders alone can boast a total of 135 firearm convictions. All around their other crimes. How can our courts let our worst offenders enjoy entire careers of firearm offending?

Police say that of more than 3900 patched gang members and prospects, some 44 per cent had been charged with a firearms offence.

Of those, 9 per cent had been charged with five or more firearms offences.

Is there now ANY doubt where the true cause of the criminal misuse of guns in New Zealand is? The joke penalties handed down from our judiciary. Something must change.

But the Police Union have just released their ‘Towards a Safer New Zealand’ policy guide. Once again they scaremonger about the state of gun crime in New Zealand. Yet not ONCE do they advocate for harsher penalties for armed offenders.

In fact their policy had to be removed from their social media after so many angry shooters pointed this out.

This is not a new agenda for the extremists at the Police Union. They made a 57 point submission to Parliament’s Law and Order committee, considering how to stop criminals from getting guns. Again – they didn’t mention punishing criminals ONCE. Not one single time in 19 pages.

So the battle lines are drawn.

The Police Union wants to savage 250,000 lawful firearm license holders – with endless regulation – in the hope of effecting those 1716 gang members. Who live outside of law.

But 250,000 lawful firearm license holders just want to penalize those who are actually the problem. With harsh, mandatory, non-parole sentences. Whether criminals get the message or the time – society wins.

Parliament now has their options.

Of all their lies, the greatest con that the Police Association has ever pulled is that there is actually a debate here at all. All is known. The facts are in. The true solution is obvious.

Criminals found with loaded ‘AK47 type’ rifles are given home detention. Criminals raid the homes of shooters – While on community supervision for their LAST firearm conviction only weeks before. Judges even REWARD gun criminals. Knocking time off their drug sentences for returning some of the guns they have stolen.

So will that criminal eventually break FIFTY convictions for ignoring our gun laws? He will if the Police Union has anything to do with it.

In that Policy guide the Police Union stated: “We cannot arrest or imprison our way to safer communities”.

A quarter of a million shooters could not disagree more.


 Firearms offending is represented in only 1.3% of serious crime in NZ.

Assaults on NZ Police officers with firearms has not risen in over twenty years. Despite the population rising, the number of shooters rising and the number of firearms in the nation rising.

Police (The real ones) have recommended to Parliament that the ‘penalties in the Arms Act are reviewed to assess whether they are set at the appropriate level’.