What is wrong with these idiots?

The Green Party just launched its election campaign today.

Their gun policy is unchanged.

They want to “Review the vetting procedures in the firearms acquisition certificate”.

We have repeatedly told them that is Canadian firearms law – not ours.

We cant get a response.

The Green Party is so out of touch with the gun control issue that they genuinely don’t even know what country they are in.



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What Else Do They Propose?

They also want to ban ALL semi automatic firearms. Because… Um…. They are icky.

A ‘Fully functional semi automatic’? Is that a clean one?

As our reader Doug H wrote: “Terrified of an action type which was patented by John Moses Browning … in 1887 – EIGHTEEN eighty seven – and commercially available since 1903 – yeah that is in use (and “fully functional”) for OVER 100 YEARS. DON’T vote Green – their brains are not ‘fully functional’!”

They want total gun registration. Even through it has been proven to be a total failure.

They want to reduce the gun license period to just five years.

The blog has already shown that NZ Police can not show a SINGLE instance of the ten yearly program catching or preventing a crime.

The Greens are toxic to freedom and logic both.

Let Them Know Your Thoughts:



We did. Its been ‘Passed on’ apparently….