Imagine our surprise!

Another issue of the Police News – another editorial attacking shooter’s rights.

Is this still a Police Union? Or just an anti gun organisation?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has only just responded to their last political attack HERE.



You will notice that Cahill again quotes from the Thorpe report to say that tens of thousands of guns are missing and or in the hands of criminals.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has confirmed with Police that there is NO basis for this.

If anyone knew the number – the cops would. They dont. The end.


But we must watch out for those ‘Stater pistols’. The scourge! 

Actually hang on…. If guns are so easy for criminals to get – as Cahill claims – why the need to modify starter pistols?

Hmmmm…. Is Cahill getting his info from the Kiwi Gun Blog now?

Look at this snippet from the newsletter above.

Interesting how they fail to mention that nothing has been done by police to follow up on thousands of these cases.