For the folk that don’t know – there was a period of time when Police demanded that shooters surrender one MSSA rifle before they would be granted permission to import another.

This was extortion. Prices skyrocketed.

Imagine being told you needed to surrender a car to get a new one. The Police have NO right to steal private property.

Then the practice was suddenly stopped.

So the policy was begun without a law change and then stopped without a law change. So it was illegal.

At the time this writer was told by a senior Police involved in the process that the policy was their interpretation of Parliament wanting to limit the number of MSSAs.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has recently been trying to determine the scale of the theft. To determine if reparations can be claimed and those responsible punished.

We were actually told that “The guy who knows about this is away. We will get back to you”.

They didnt.

After months of chasing – here is the initial Police response.

The Best They Could Come Up With:

stolen 1


Special Reason

Wow. What complete and utter fabrication.

The ‘Special Reason’ required for importing an MSSA is “I need it for my sport”.

Who would – by choice – instead choose to destroy another gun? When they were worth hundreds or thousands of dollars?

What an insulting and grasping suggestion.

To actually suggest that this was an “Offer” on the part of the shooters being extorted!?

This is an insult to the intelligence of anyone reading this.


“Firearm license holder have from time to time…..” Unbelievable.

Does anyone remember this being voluntary?

Who got a MSSA rifle in during this time WITHOUT surrendering another rifle?

Who had their Arms Officer EVER present other options? EVER?

But because shooters were forced to accept this illegal activity they are not entitled to compensation?

No. Just no.

Has any shooter ‘offered’ to do this SINCE it truly became optional?

Did any shooter ‘Offer’ this BEFORE the illegal policy was instituted?

We would ask police this but they wont be able to find the numbers…..


If shooters wanted to import MSSA magazines during this time – they were also required to surrender an equal number of other ones. These restricted items commanded hefty local prices and added hundreds of dollars to the cost of new magazines for competition.

An AK magazine was accepted in exchange for an AR15 magazine.

The same way that an SKS would get you an AR15.

So the argument of replacing worn out arms is a joke.


The response simply ignores our request to name those responsible for the grand theft.

We now need to determine who they are. How many shooters were effected. The number of firearms involved.

Then Police need to establish a process by which affected shooters can apply for compensation.

This is the single worst case of Police abuse of power in New Zealand history.

It must be addressed.

The Next Step

The Kiwi Gun Blog understands that the next step would be for someone effected by this policy to take a case against the Police.

It is our understanding that the major shooters rights groups have been waiting for this and they have confirmed to the Kiwi Gun Blog that they would be supportive financially.

If this hero is you – please contact Nicolas Taylor to discuss the matter.