A former police officer who used police computers to access the personal details of 21 women has just been sentenced to one year of supervision and 400 hours community work.

But NZ Police have denied that our firearm list has ever been breached.

The Kiwi Gun Blog asked “Has the gun license data ever been compromised?”

After a great deal of chasing and months later we get:

“Not to Police’s knowledge” – Superintendent ‘Lurch‘ Scahill – 7th July 2017

This has proven a huge concern overseas.

The Victorian Government has apologised to almost 9,000 gun owners after a “deeply concerning” data breach resulted in thousands of gun owners’ personal details mistakenly being emailed out.

Shooters claimed that targeted burglaries from biker gangs resulted almost immediately.

Australian criminals had also previously been found to possess lists of gun owners that many believe could only have come from Police corruption. Even the NZ Police Union has warned of this in New Zealand.

This was also a big issue in Tasmania. Known to have suffered previous information breaches.

In 2013 up to 700,000 shooter records may have been compromised.

In America, again only months ago, officials say hackers may have obtained the names of more than 16,000 people who have Florida concealed weapon permits.

Also this year – London gun owners were left furious after the Metropolitan Police handed the addresses of 30,000 firearm and shotgun owners to a direct mail marketing agency for a commercial firm’s advertising campaign.

If the NZ Police are serious about preventing targeted burglary to acquire guns for gangs – vigilance of the owner data must be a top priority.

We only received a four word reply from Police.

No mention of audits or recent security reviews to guard against the tipple threat of incompetence, corruption and hacking.