Time for a positive story.

Lets call it….. The Kiwi Gun Blog has been critical of Police gun handling.

For shooting each other over 500 times with tasers.

For losing guns and leaving them behind in toilets.

For shooting planes, cars and innocent buildings with accidental discharges.

For accidentally shooting helpless suspects and civilians.

For killing civilians.

For their general lack of training.

For their being banned from ranges for unsafe practice and the destruction of their own ranges with wildly inaccurate fire.

But credit where it is due – Our Police are really cutting down on shooting themselves in the foot in recent years.

Go team.

Here is an Official Information Act reply that we received today:


So we can now add our Police LITERALLY shooting themselves in the foot to their list of achievements. Both on duty and while training.



This Blog has become very bitchy and we are going to do better.

We promise.