The Kiwi Gun Blog has been getting complaints about the delay between shooters applying for the renewal of their firearms license and the completion of this process.

We are not talking about the insane delays in permit applications.

This is the actual license that lets you legally possess the firearms in your safe.

Police responded today….



How on earth is asking the district arms officers for their oldest file ‘Generating new data’?

What rubbish.

Then how were they able to answer a previous question from the Blog about the longest delay in following up on an expired gun license? Oh that would be FIVE years by the way.

Off to the ombudsman again.

No Protection

But in answer to the second part of the question – that would appear to be “No”.

Shooters are NOT protected by the law as they wait for the Police to actually do their job.

They are at the whim of their local arms office and could indeed be prosecuted for possessing their own firearms.

This needs to be changed in law.