Shooters have been under attack from all directions.

The most insidious threats are indirect.

Rather than an outright ban, the control freaks will simply price or inconvenience you out of your sport. Leaving the ‘Choice’ up to you.

Until shooter (Voter) numbers are low enough to then go further.

The NZ insurance industry is an example here. A little while back it suggested limits to the amount of ammunition stored in a private home.

This would have effected reloaders and those who invest in a reasonable quantity of ammo for reasons of consistency and cost reduction.

Whether the result of agenda or ignorance – this was shut down by shooters.

Here is an interesting video that demonstrates the safety of modern ammunition – even when it is abused.

It was most interesting to see that even a large pile of ammunition in a fire posed no threat to the responding fire fighters.

So DO keep an eye out for these asymmetrical attacks on our rights as responsible arms owners.

Even small changes in law and policy, from strange directions, can combine to make the shooting sports a challenge to participate in.f3