The Kiwi Gun Blog have been chasing the Police Union for months in an attempt to get answers to some basic questions. Phone calls, email, social media contacts – nothing. Just a lot of “We will get back to you” with no result.

We FINALLY reached a senior policy shot caller who would speak on the issue. Kind of.

A very defensive media officer called Jane Young called shooters “Abusive and obscene” for putting the word LIAR under a picture of their President.

Because, you know, he is a liar.

She was clearly referring to THIS shameful work from Firearm Owners United:



Oh and from memory Whaleoil called him a ‘Certified Idiot’.

The Kiwi Gun Blog MAY have also drawn attention to Cahill’s questionable relationship with the truth.

During the conversation we went through some examples of Cahill’s deceit…. Jane declared these ‘Mistakes’.

She then did an excellent imitation of an offended person when we suggested that Cahill was not in fact the world’s most incompetent spokesman but rather a deceptive individual working an agenda.

BUT – Jane then promised to actually begin replying to shooter’s concerns at the union’s anti gun activities. So the blog invited our readers to contact her – respectfully – at:

We then sent Jane the first of our own questions. What exactly did the Police Union want changed about our firearm importation?

We also sent a list of Cahill’s top dozen lies. Just so Jane could see the subtle pattern that we have found….

This is the same list that we sent to every member of the Police Association executive. Representing all regions. We expressed our concerns and asked for his removal before he damaged the reputation of the association even more.

Not a single person responded.

But Jane did…

Will not engage further with you……

Jane changed her mind.

Apparently she read some comments made by some of our cynical readers on the Blog’s Facebook page. “In preparation for writing my response to you….”

She now denied agreeing to answer our questions and we started to get the feeling that this email was actually being written for the benefit of someone else.

“Given I know of no “anti-gun activities” by the “union” (as you prefer to call the Police Association), it would not be possible to “respond” to concerns about said activities.”

OK…. Fully half of Cahill’s editorials in the Police Magazine since taking the job have either featured guns or had the topic as their sole focus.

Plus the propaganda articles and mock ‘letters’ attacking shooters inside.

Plus the anti gun press releases and resulting slander in print, on radio and television.

Plus the Law and Order committee attacks – calling for us to endure dawn raids and lose the right to seek justice in court no less.

Plus the ‘Policy document’ again attacking us.

No Jane… No pattern here eh?

“The Association and its President Chris Cahill remain deeply committed to cleaning up the proliferation of illegal firearms in New Zealand”.

Or ‘The shooting sports’ as we call them.

“The Association is focused on the “tens of thousands of illegal firearms in our communities, most of which are stolen from licensed individuals or dealers’ premises”.

The basis of these numbers Jane? See THAT is the kind of thing that we would like to ask about.

“Mr Cahill has engaged with firearms owners and has considered their concerns when raised”.

Ummm. When exactly? Is this during his mythical fireside chats?

“Now having seen your post and comments of others who engage on Kiwi Gun Blog, it is clear that you are either unwilling or incapable of considering the opinions of anyone who might not agree with you. Instead you and others on this site resort immediately to vitriol and personal attacks, which prohibit any useful dialogue”.

Have we ALL imagined this pattern of deceit and slander from your union?

Lets go to the chart…. Nope.

“I would like you to please note that neither myself, nor Mr Cahill, will engage further with you or your Kiwi Gun Blog colleagues in the foreseeable future”. 
Jane Young – Communications Manager / Strategic Advisor

So there we have it.

The Police Union go back on their word and declare that they have no intention of entering into a dialog with shooters. Let alone of being held accountable for their slanderous defamation of those shooters.

Then again… they never did.

So we are left with educating the media. Insisting that THEY actually do their jobs and start asking for evidence to back the Police Union lies. Or ‘Mistakes’ as Jane calls them.

Oh Jane never did comment on the list of Cahill’s top dozen lies that we sent her.

One of our readers – ‘Matt t’ – informs us that Jane was the same person who told him that he was harassing them and that as such she would take action against him. His crime? He also called them regarding Mr Cahills AM Show ‘Mistakes’.

Yeah this Union does NOT like to be questioned.


The Kiwi Gun Blog is now looking at printing a line of T shirts with LIAR under a picture of Cahill’s smug face. Discounts will be offered for law enforcement.