Here is a quick guide to protecting yourself during an interaction with the police.

Not a bad idea to print this off and then to keep on your gun safe.

THE BASICS – If police execute a search warrant on your home or business –
1. If detained give them your name, address and date of birth [Police Act 1908].
2. Inspect and keep hold of a copy of the search warrant that they serve on you.
3. Record the name of the “OC” (officer in charge), their station and contact details. Record QID’s (collar) numbers of police attending search.
4. Be calm and polite, but firm about (7), (8) and (9) below.
5. Open any safes for them where firearms are stored if requested to do so.
6. Show them any licence you must carry, such as your firearms licence [Arms Act 1983].
7. Say “I do not wish to make any statements or answer any questions”. Do not under any circumstances be tempted, convinced, threatened or coerced to vary from this stance by any promises or statements made by the police.
8. If the police try to ask any questions except for (1) above, say “No comment, thank you”.
9. Say “I wish to speak to my lawyer, without delay and in private please”.
Text “SSS” for Search Search Search with your name and contact number to 021 362 123 and I will contact you as soon as possible, and/or telephone me on 021 362 123.
1. If there is no search warrant then the police cannot enter your home by force. They must be invited in by you.
2. The police can ask to inspect your security, but only at a reasonable time to you.
3. The police can ask to inspect an endorsed firearm, but only at a reasonable time to you. If you have a reasonable excuse such as “there is a sick child asleep in the room” or “I am off to work”, then it is not a “reasonable time” subjectively.
4. The police cannot record the details of A category firearms.
5. The police cannot photograph any firearms unless pursuant to a search via the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 or Arms Act 1983.
NICHOLAS TAYLOR – Barrister at law; Ph: 021 362 123

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