If you are teaching anyone to shoot then you can supervise them with an ‘A’ category rifle.

If you are teaching someone to shoot a pistol then you can supervise them with a ‘B’ category pistol.

If you are teaching an actor to shoot a machine gun in a movie then you can supervise them with an ‘C’ category firearm.

But Nobody can touch your ‘E’ category rifle.

Yes – this is imbecilic.

No – your local arms officer is wrong when they said that it was OK.

Yes – we know that some do.

Here is the official word….


So there.

Please be careful to protect yourselves in law.


The Kiwi Gun Blog recently called the Auckland Central Police Station to check this.

The woman who answered did not know.

So we waited while she checked.

She returned and said that it was OK for another shooter to shoot your MSSA if they had a license themselves.

We asked if she was sure.

She went to check again.

She confirmed that this was indeed the case.

But it was ‘Better’ if the supervised shooter also had an ‘E’ endorsement.

Here is your first clue…. The law seldom says that things are “Better if…”

This contradictory advice from the district arms officers must stop. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It makes us vulnerable.

Another Stupidity

The Blog recently covered the court case of a shooter prosecuted for taking his rifle to a public toilet. Even when testifying – Police didn’t still know that the law required the rifle not be left in an unattended vehicle.

BUT – with an MSSA – it cant even be left supervised by anyone else! Stupid.

Because not only does s19 prohibit the unattended leaving of it in a vehicle but s28 mandates that it be kept in “immediate personal possession” when not locked in the approved security at the possessor’s premises.

So it CANNOT be left in a supervised vehicle – even a secured and locked vehicle – because it must remain in “immediate personal possession” of THE PERMIT HOLDER whenever not secured at home.

A Solution

The Blog has a solution to this contradictory advice. We have raised this matter with the new broom investigating the management of the Arms Act.

A simple online question and answer page. For both shooters and Arms Officers to consult.

A final word on the topic.

With an email address for both Arms Officers and shooters alike to use.

Questions are then answered quickly and formally. As policy.

Then published for the benefit of others.

Good for shooters – saves time for Police.

Because it really should not be this hard to get a straight answer on LAW.