Long story short – a firearms rights group recently began to detail new abuses from multiple arms offices. This in the area of treating ‘A’ Category arms as ‘E’ Category arms when responding to applications for importation. With the resulting harassment of now needing ‘Special purposes’ and the other import restrictions that status attracts.

Police then responded with the statement below – claiming that this had all been a shared delusion:

yyty.PNGClick image above for original source

Now the police have announced that this IS in fact their new policy.



This is of course complete nonsense and will no doubt be challenged in the short term.

A contributor on the Sport Shooter Forum nailed it:

1. Inspector Williams has no power to categorise any part of a firearm as MSSA parts.

2. This attempt is blanket policy which fetters the discretion of any other ‘member of Police’ to whom an application is made for a permit to import parts (the “Action” of that firearm) of any other firearm.

Applying for A writ of Prohibition being sought to prevent this policy being implemented will force a Judicial Review of this policy in the most cost effective way.

The parts are NOT “designed to be integral parts of MSSA” – because MSSA do not exist as a legal fiction in the Counties where the parts were designed and made – that classification ONLY exists in New Zealand and can ONLY be firearms “having” certain defined ‘features’ … which no lower receiver can possibly have until and unless one or more of those add-on ‘features’ is fitted to it.

It is a “virgo intacta” until a standard capacity magazine if first forced into it

What he said.

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