Our Police have been called out for repeatedly trying to crowbar in the requirement for a ‘legitimate purpose’ to own guns in New Zealand. That sounds reasonable – but who decides that?

What needs to be done for a shooter to demonstrate that legitimacy? Club memberships? A minimum number of shoots a year at an approved club?

Remember this from the withdrawn Arms Code 2017:

“A licence holder may possess any number of sporting-type rifles and shotguns although you will be required to justify the number of firearms you hold when the Police inspect your firearms security.”

What purpose does each one serve?

A back door to this ‘Justification’ requirement is to catch the guns as they first enter the country. Or ban them from doing so.

Is this what the Police Association are harping on and on about when they say the numbers of guns being imported must be addressed?

So who decides what is a legitimate reason to import a gun to New Zealand?

What appeal system is there outside of a court case?

This from the Police:


There it is. ‘Legitimate use’ – that a bureaucrat decides.

Police have also demanded ‘Special reasons’ for some rifles in larger calibers.



The same answer with more words. Still not addressing the issue.

So de facto bans can now be imposed at the whim of the Police.

The Police Association vomited up the idea that long range target shooters were suddenly a problem. Despite having never committed a crime in New Zealand’s history.

If Police decided they were all snipers then their weapons had no legitimate purpose. Thus could be banned from import overnight. Without legislation.

So who has the final say on what firearm is acceptable to enter the country:



You don’t get to know that.

Police have confused ‘Managing’ the Arms Act with ruling over shooters like a peasant class.

We must be very wary of any power given to the Police that can be misused this way.