The Kiwi Gun Blog wants to ensure that some important parts of New Zealand’s firearm history are not lost. So we will be including a little history lesson now and again – along with some documents that should also be preserved.

Here is one such case…..


Once upon a time Police Commissioner Jamieson banned all semi auto rifles from importation.

Because he felt like it.

Some shooters took him to court for acting far beyond his powers.

The judge agreed and told him to pull his head in.

The End.

This was not the man’s only abuse of power. He had ruled over a particularly corrupt period in New Zealand Police history – From 1989 to 1993 as Commissioner.

It was later revealed that throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s the Police hierarchy had been complicit in covering up serious misconduct and sexual abuse perpetrated by police officers in Christchurch, Dunedin and Rotorua.

Jamieson’s apparent specialty was burying scandals.

His ban was announced after scaremongering in the media had the public concerned about this family of firearms.


Police played no small part in generating that misplaced concern.

In a forgotten footnote of the Aramoana tragedy – locals had armed themselves for protection as Police mishandled the situation around them.

Jamieson came out strongly against this:


Because as well all know – its best to just wait like a sheep to be harvested….

Or for a (Brave) Police officer – who has six magazines worth of training with her rifle – to rescue you.

Click the link below for more details of this important case.

New Zealand Law Reports/1992 Volume 1/Practical Shooting Institute (NZ) Inc v Commissioner of Police    Pages: 11
[1992] 1 NZLR
709 High Court Christchurch 16, 23 August 1991

Appendix 5 Practical_Shooting_Institute_(NZ)_Inc_v_Comm

Thanks to our reader ‘JD’ for help is sourcing this document.

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