You know all those arms inspectors asking to record your ‘A’ category firearms?

To take pictures of them and collect serial numbers?

Apparently that never happened:


OK then.

Firstly – what utter deceit.

But good. Now you have it on record that there is NO compunction to do this.

There is no requirement.

There is apparently no desire from Police HQ.

So what about the Police Minister’s response to the Law and Order committee’s insane recommendations?

Lets look at number 11:


Require Police to record serial numbers of all firearms upon renewal of licence or inspection of premises Reject – voluntary process to continue

There is NO ‘Voluntary process’.

There never was.

Please do not EVER validate the over reach of Police by EVER agreeing to provide ‘A’ category serial numbers. Ever.

The Vetting Form…

Oh and here is the vetting form where the ‘A’ category serial numbers are supposedly not recorded.

Sick of the lies and contempt yet? We are.

These forms need changing. So does the training of the vetting officers.

record me