Hmmm…. How many ‘Firearm Licensing Administrators’ are there?

Because one of THEM is responsible for the 2017 Arms Code fiasco and the $30,000 plus waste of tax payer’s dollars that represents.

Police have refused to say WHO this person is or what – if any – disciplinary action has been taken against them.

One of our readers has been picking at the thread trying to determine the rat responsible.

Here is the latest reply to both that question and detailing the process by which a new 2017 Arms Code will be produced:

arms code

So more questions…

Who is the Minister’s ‘Independent adviser’?

What other ‘Relevant government agencies’?

What ‘Statutory entities’ have an interest in our Arms Management? HERE is a list of possibles.

Lets make sure that COLFO is listed in the ‘Where to get more information’ section. Getting the Kiwi Gun Blog in there may be pushing our luck….