One of our readers has just had his firearms licence revoked.

He was vetted and approved to possess firearms. Then granted a license.

The Police apparently had no issue with his minor previous criminal record. Despite him stressing these historical issues during the interview process.

Then, without any inciting incident, the Police simply changed their mind and seized his guns.

He is taking them to court and we will follow the case with interest.

There are really only two options.

One: The Police gave a dangerous criminal guns – despite being aware of their record.

Two: The Police did not find the previous issues of concern and are violating the rights of a NOW responsible firearm owner.

Either way – not a good look.

The Kiwi gun blog now have the actual guide and forms used by the Police for their vetting process. These are available here for your interest:

Click below to download the Master Guide

kgb 15-3028-8 Master guide(1)-1

Click below to download the full vetting guide

kgb 15-3028-8 Firearms vetting guide-1

‘Number 13’ is noteworthy.

The Police have only just told us that they dont record ‘A’ Category arms. Yet here below is the paperwork to do just that.

Obviously shooters knew this to be a lie from anecdotal evidence and our own experiences – But to see Police deny what is literally printed evidence is just embarrassing. What contempt.

The Police Minister has also been told that the ‘Volunteering’ of such data is quite standard.

It isn’t – so don’t.

record me


We have just heard that the reader involved in this case has now had their license and firearms returned.

It pays to stand up to the Police when they abuse their power.

He achieved this result with just a little legal advice and a lot of determination.