Its like judges are just trying to see what will finally push New Zealanders over the edge….

Tony Leonard Gow, 51, is a central Southland man.

He has thoughts about mass killings.

He made PVC pipe bombs.

He had two sawn-off shotguns, a .308 rifle and ammunition. Illegally. With no license.

When he appeared in the High Court at Invercargill on Friday the judge sentenced him to two years’ intensive supervision.

He had earlier served 13 months in prison while awaiting sentencing on charges of unlawfully possessing two homemade PVC pipe bombs.

But hey… we can all benefit from a few extra chances in life eh?

“Daily thoughts about mass killings”

The man could not get the mental health help he required.

In April last year it was reported to police that Gow had disclosed fantasies of school massacres and had an interest in mass killings in New Zealand.

When spoken to by police, he confirmed “daily thoughts about mass killings”.

Gow admitted having discussed mass murder with an associate and having said to his associate “if he was going to kill one person, then he might as well kill as many as you can because the result is going to be the same”.

Gow also admitted to having been in the planning stages of obtaining a firearm for his associate and having obtained a .22 calibre rifle with 1000 rounds of ammunition.

He also said he had thoughts of entering a shopping centre and shooting as many people as he could, the police summary says.

The New Zealand Defence Force bomb squad removed a device from his property and confirmed it was a viable explosive capable of maiming and causing death if activated.

Also found was a loaded sawn-off shotgun, which had been reported to police as stolen in 2013.

Gow admitted to making the pipe bomb and cutting the shotgun to pistol length.

From The Southland Times:

Gow must also allow authorities to inspect his property, if requested by the probation officer, to reduce the likelihood of further offending.

Well now. We feel safer.

He should be doing time for the stolen gun alone.

Why wouldn’t criminals be casual about stealing and modifying our weapons for crime? About possessing them?


The situation is a sick joke.

Until they kill.

Then the heat is on LAWFUL shooters once again.

Not a failing health system.

Not the courts.


This. Needs. To. Change


“In a statement issued this afternoon, police said an officer offered to visit the property and was told that the structure was a platform to be used for target practice”.…

It now appears that Police responded to reports of shooting at a property where the owner had no license. Then left after seeing the GUN RANGE HE BUILT.

The guy who did time for the pipe bombs.

That guy.