Many of our readers will be following the tragic case on an insane man shooting three people recently. Two of whom died on Wednesday morning.

The contemptible President of the Police Union, Chris Cahill, all but stood on the still warm bodies to get to the media cameras.

Once again calling for harsh new gun restrictions to be instituted.

He did this as the real Police confirmed that the mentally ill offender did NOT have a gun licence.

Readers of the Kiwi Gun Blog expressed their disgust on our social media page. Pointing out that Cahill had been conspicuously silent during the recent coverage of a Policeman shooting his family.


Here is the narrative being pushed on the media:

Retired Northland police officer Gavin Benney, who was the constable at Hikurangi for 30 years, said Patterson would have found it easy to buy guns – with or without a licence.

Mr Benney said there were plenty of illegal firearms owners around – and the police had no way of knowing what was in their arsenals.

Since changes to the firearms laws in the 1980’s, the police had not had to keep a firearms register.

“So now it’s just the gun owners who are registered – not the guns. You’re supposed to ask for the gun licence if you’re selling one but do people do that? Probably not a lot of the time,” he said.

We assume that this is the same ex cop who has been convicted of drink-driving twice within six days in Queenstown.

The same cop who is pushing his book about being a rural cop.

Guess he found the dead women useful as well.

Known to Police

The offender had previously received only 18 months for the attempted murder of a dog handler with a knife. The cop was very lucky to live.

The killer was known to have guns and live grenades and restricted handguns.

He reportedly told friends that these were illegally imported. Thanks Customs.

It would appear that the offenders neighbours and work mates were well aware that he had illegal arms. They knew and yet said nothing.

The Same Old Song and Dance

The Police Union use examples of gun laws NOT working to control outlaws – As proof that we meed MORE such gun laws.

They are quite simply snake oil salesmen. “The last batch didn’t work? Then y’all just need a bigger dose”.

Then repeat.

Shame on you Cahill.