Today Ali Mau was joined by Chris Cahill from the NZ Police Union to beat up on shooters for Radio Live.

You can listen by clicking the link below:–significant-concern–for-police.html

Mau cant help being utterly ignorant on the topic.

That is when she should get a spokesperson from the shooting fraternity to help her.

Then shut her mouth and learn.

Instead we get:

Mau: “Why would somebody need a semiautomatic weapon anyway?”

Cahill: “Thats the big qustion that we would ask”

Mau: “So we should ban them right?”

No Alison. No we shouldn’t.

Cahill then goes on to call for a ban on semi automatic rifles on behalf of the Police Union. “Like they did in Australia”.

It is like Cahill just gave Mau her talking points.

Not acceptable.


The Kiwi Gun Blog has complained. You should as well.

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This report was unbalanced and clearly breached:

  • Standard 2: Programme Information

  •  Standard 6: Discrimination and Denigration

  • Standard 8: Balance

  • Standard 9: Accuracy

  • Standard 11: Fairness

Next the BSA:

Please remember that you need to lodge a complaint with the broadcaster in the first instance.