So how many firearms are imported legally into New Zealand each year?

The Herald has reported that 55,000 of these death machines arrive annually.

“The Police Association is calling for an official police inquiry into where the guns are coming from”.

Well then… They could check their own Police import permits? Just a thought.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has been trying to get the REAL number from Customs and the Police for some time. With the air rifles and air soft gun toys removed from the inflated number.

Customs have promised to finally deliver these numbers next week. But they gave us some of the data over the phone prior to sign off.

The number of imported firearms that our customs service provided the Blog was around three hundred.

So…. We pointed out that this figure was quite insane and obviously out by tens of thousands. They said they will have another look.


This is the service guarding our border. Sleep well.

In the mean time – here are some figures….

From Statistics New Zealand:




So in the last year of available records – 17,732 long arms were imported.

We are waiting on some handgun data from the NZ Pistol Association but assume this will bring the number to around 20,000.

That figure would include the low number of specialist collector arms imported.

So the Herald is out by 35,000.

Or 275%


But keep selling that panic Chris Cahill.f3