The Kiwi Gun Blog have finally managed to get the Custom Service to release the true numbers of firearms imported into New Zealand each year.

The true number is literally HALF that reported by media in a scaremongering campaign led by the police union.




Here are the import figures for the last ten years:

2007   35,202

2008   25,566

2009   24,873

2010   28,522

2011   25,962

2012   27,738

2013   27,954

2014   33,102

2015   31,101

2016   24,553

These figures include all long arms under the code ‘9303’.

NZ Customs categories include: ‘Muzzle loading firearms’ / ‘.22 calibre rifles’ / ‘Other sporting etc. rifles’ / ‘Other sporting etc shotguns etc.’ / ‘Other firearms etc. which operate by explosive charge, other’.



We can not include the numbers for handgun imports (Their code 9302).

Because customs don’t have them.


They have recorded the number of the imported lots and the value but not the actual number of guns. That is optional and nobody volunteers the information.

Judging by the average declared value we estimate that around four hundred handguns are imported each year.

So, contrary to the shrill cries of the media, our import numbers are fairly stable and fairly modest. Considering the quarter of a million licensed users who provide the demand.

In 2016 that was 0.1 long guns each.