The man who orchestrated the burglary of a huge cache of weapons from a Dunedin pistol club member has just been jailed.

The penalty? Not even four-and-a-half years.

The weapons were targeted to sell to gangs.


The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked for the judge’s sentencing notes.

Not that they will excuse this pitiful sentence decision.

This offender, Scott Alexander Trotter, was responsible for the break-in on October 25 last year and was then instrumental in distributing many of the weapons to gangs in the ensuing days.

According to the herald: “He offered them 23 pistols, four military-style semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and 25,000 rounds of ammunition”.

So he got less than eight weeks per gun.

Say that out loud.

Thanks Judge Crosbie.

An interesting follow up article HERE.