The Kiwi Gun Blog has previously covered the Police briefing to the incoming Minister Paula Bennett. This included the issue of gun control but was heavily redacted:


This was supposedly due to budget sensitivity.

Now that the budget has been released, the Blog asked for an uncensored version.

The Police delayed. Then passed it to the Minister’s office to re start the twenty day clock on the reply.

Now we finally hear from the Minister – who refuses to release the information.



More secrecy. Why?

The report does include this:


The Blog has asked Police for this briefing on the Law and Order committee’s recommendations.

Once again we were delayed. Once again it was then passed to the Minister’s office.

They finally responded that the briefing never happened.

This seems unlikely.

The report also mentions that the National Multi Agency Firearms Working Group was formed in 2015. Essentially to form firearm policy.

When the Blog asked about this we were told that yes they meet, but nothing has ever been decided.

At all.

The Minister was however to be briefed in February.

On the work not being done.

Work that was described like this:


So whatever they are not doing – we we going to hate.

The threat to our right to responsible firearm use is very much ongoing.

We must not become complacent with recent victories.

Lets get more connected. Stronger. More ready for the next attacks in the very near future.