A row has broken out over the dismantling of a long standing display of old weapons at Auckland War Memorial Museum. 

Now only SIX weapons will remain to tell the story of our soldiers.

This despite their goal of “Returning 20% more space to the public for galleries and collection display”. Just no room for guns.

Many of the weapons were donated by New Zealand soldiers or their families in the late 1920s when the museum was nearing completion. They have been told they can not get them back.

But the museum spoil us by letting New Zealander’s still see some of the items on line.

Our anti gun Mayor Phil Goff wont help. The same man who was on the Law and Order committee that recommended reaming us.


Broken Promises

This writer remembers a representative of the museum visiting IMAS several years ago. When this very subject came up they promised that the weapons would not be removed.

But the left can just not help themselves from attempting to control even our very history.

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