HERE is yet another story of an illegal sawn off shotgun causing the death of an innocent person.

Anthony Brett Clegg, 40, was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court on Tuesday, on a single charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

The criminal had brought a sawn-off shotgun to a party – that later killed his friend.

The penalty for that? Just two years.

Tiffani Jade Sutcliffe, 23, of Frankton has also been charged with the manslaughter ‘By reckless discharge of a firearm’.

Stuff: “At Clegg’s sentencing, Judge Philip Connell said his “reckless” decision to bring the firearm to the gathering at the house had “directly contributed” to Williamson’s death”.

Yeah… ‘No shit Sherlock’.

Clegg had earlier this year been sentenced to 11 months in jail for other offending, and he had been released from jail for five weeks before the Seddon St incident happened.

So if he was serving his time this would not have happened.

But only five weeks later he is causally taking a loaded sawn off shotgun to parties.

That result in death.

The worst that serious offenders can expect is to serve PART of a two year sentence.

No mention of where the gun came from.