The Kiwi Gun Blog has just heard back from Police about the latest gun crime stats.

The data from Dr Gavin Knight – Chief Data Scientist at the National Performance & Insights Centre – shows that the criminal possession of firearms is a great place to start savaging our gun crime.

We must be careful to target real threats. Not just lax hunters who don’t have a license. Too common in some areas. The current penalties are more than sufficient for them. 

The Blog want to see new penalties put in place for criminals found with guns.

Then MASSIVE penalties for criminals who have been found guilty of gun offending in the past.


The below table shows the number of unique offenders Police dealt with through court action for offences that involved the use of a firearm.

Unique Offenders for Offences involving Firearms
ANZSOC Group YE Jun 2015 YE Jun 2016 YE Jun 2017 Total
Murder 9 5 11 25
Attempted Murder 5 8 1 14
Manslaughter . 2 . 2
Serious Assault Resulting in Injury 14 8 23 45
Serious Assault Not Resulting in Injury 18 26 35 79
Common Assault 3 5 3 11
Other Acts Intended to Cause Injury N.E.C. 9 8 14 31
Threatening Behaviour 76 71 59 206
Aggravated Robbery 79 89 126 294
Blackmail & Extortion 2 9 9 20
Unlawful Entry with Intent/Burglary, Break & Enter 3 5 3 11
Unlawfully Obtain or Possess Regulated Weapons/Explosives 488 628 587 1703
Misuse of Regulated Weapons/Explosives 92 83 95 270
Deal or Traffic Regulated Weapons/Explosives Offences 4 6 7 17
Regulated Weapons/Explosives Offences, N.E.C. 30 21 14 65
Breach of Violence Order 6 13 12 31
Total 838 987 999 2824

Please note that the above table only counts an offender once per 12 month period, regardless of the frequency of proceedings against that offender for an offence involving firearms in that period.   However an offender may be represented more than once in these figures if they are proceeded against in another period.

What is the Answer?

As you can clearly see – the quick and dirty blow here is to hit possession.

To state the obvious – the other offences are not even possible without guns being available.

This is a low hanging fruit and Police need the right tool to change how criminals think about possessing illegal guns.

A mandatory five years for those with previous convictions for serious crime – no parole. Ten years for those with past gun convictions.

Time to get a LITTLE serious here.

The biggest threat to our rights – as demonstrated recently – is criminals with guns.