Here are some interesting stats on the firearms seized from the 250,000 licensed owners in New Zealand in the last year.

The circumstances of each case will of course vary wildly and it is unknown how many of these arms were involved in a single case or were later returned.

But these numbers still make a mockery of the shrill cries of panic from the gun control fanatics in the media of late.

Firearms Seized 2016/17


The data did come with the following proviso:


Remember – this is the service that the Police Union want to maintain a database of 1.3 million guns.

Key phrase is “Can not be relied upon”.

No Doubt:

Only three Military Style Semi Automatics were seized.

Out of 375 arms.



Less than the number of highly restricted handguns.

A recent article in Stuff claimed:

“Between 2010 and 2015, police seized 6006 firearms – 88 of which were MSSAs”.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has checked with very senior Police who have never heard that figure.

It may be a Cahill creation. We are waiting to hear back from Stuff about their source.

Even if this number of firearms seized from criminals over this period was accurate – that would mean that MSSAs still represented less than 1.5% of the weapons of concern.

The Latest Case….

The current case that has stirred up this non debate yet again revolves around a career criminal. This time shooting at Police with what has been described as a MSSA. If true this is a very rare occurrence.

In a recent article it was claimed of the offender involved that:

“Heke was well connected both inside and outside of prison, and was involved in the importation and supply of methamphetamine, had a large synthetic cannabis trade within three New Zealand prisons, and was importing M4A1 semi-automatic machine guns”.

Mmmm. Those ‘semi automatic machine guns’… Good reporting team.

So even if it turns out that an MSSA was involved in this headline grabbing case – it was smuggled in the country. So no laws would have stopped that. Including an outright ban on lawful ownership.

Of course at the time of the offending this predator had absconded from the last community based sentence that he had received from some pathetic judge.

The Blog has asked customs to examine the case and they have confirmed today that they are doing so.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is currently awaiting more data in this area from Police. We expect it to further prove that MSSA rifles are simply not an issue as far as our gun crime goes.

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