It is our understanding that the total number of firearms license holders in New Zealand is reasonably stable. We need to watch these magic numbers to ensure that we don’t follow Aussie.

They have more guns now than before their insane gun confiscations BUT with less shooters owning them.

We also need to ensure that our shooting population is replaced by young blood.

Here are the stats for the last year:


So nearly 45,000 kiwis applied for and received their gun licences in the last 12 months.


Only 0.4% of applicants are declined so it would appear the system is reasonably fair and honest in this regard.

Unlike a New York type system where: “The chances of you getting robbed are better than you getting that permit”.

Here are the figures for people getting E category endorsements:


Just over 1000 new E Category Holders Each Year.

So not as rare as the Police Union would like but with conditions that are still seen as prohibitive by many.

Still an indication that not only are semi automatic rifles still incredibly popular – but in their modern sporting rifle configuration as well. With – shudder – pistol grips and stuff!

The Kiwi Gun Blog expects to see this number increase along with the growth of the action shooting sports that require such guns.

The Best Defense

Remember our best defense against the encroachment of our rights is numbers.

The vast majority of these applications will be for renewals.

So take some young boys and gals shooting.

Encourage friends who enjoy shooting with you to take the next step and apply for a license.f3