The Kiwi Gun Blog has been campaigning for more accurate reporting of the gun issue in our media. We have yet to receive a response from a single news editor. More details HERE.

Instead – they appear to be doubling down on the fake news.

Check out THIS effort from the NZ Herald:


Gasp! GUNS and drugs!

The real story:


A BB Gun…


But for any reader skimming the headlines it would appear as if guns really are the continuous threat claimed by the Police Union.

We have made a formal complaint – you may wish to as well:

Lets shame them into actually doing their job.

Follow Up

Our formal complaint has been ignored so we will lay a complaint with the Press Council.

One of our readers received THIS reply from the Herald:


The snide reply of course gives the literal definition of why a BB toy is NOT a ‘Gun’.

As if it really needed explaining.