The Kiwi Gun Blog has recently documented the true number of MSSA rifles seized by Police.

Only three Military Style Semi Automatics were seized from licensed users in the last year.

Out of 375 arms.


0.8% of the problem.

Some were likely later returned.

We would now like to thank Elton Smallman of the Waikato Times for providing more information from their story claiming:

“Between 2010 and 2015, police seized 6006 firearms – 88 of which were MSSAs”.

This is the TOTAL number of arms seized. From all sources.

The information we asked about came as a result of an Official Information Act request to police that the paper made last year

Police provided them with both the numbers of seized firearms and the category of firearms for five years. 2010 to 2015.

The Kiwi Gun Blog had checked this number with very senior Police who had never heard that figure. Yet… Here are the tables that they provided the paper:


So if you crunch those numbers….


MSSA rifles present in just 1.4% of the guns seized.

This next data from the Police details the number of seized firearms for the past two years:


Similar numbers. Last year was 1.5%

This is confusing as when the Blog has previously asked Police for this data we were told that it was not held.

So the Police don’t recognize the data – that they are giving to the media.

They don’t keep track of the type of guns used in crime – yet have this data to hand?



The next time that the Police Union claim these weapons are a scourge – email that table to the reporter repeating their lies.