This just in from the Auckland Shooting Club:


Auckland Council has changed how it interprets the Resource Management Act, by denying that there is a provision for some level of discharge under section 5.5.41 of the act. It has recently revoked a certificate of compliance for the Auckland Shooting Club on the basis that there “may be” discharge of contaminants, despite a High Court ruling that the activity is allowed, and processes in place to ensure that no discharge will occur. Auckland Council was required by the High Court to simply reconsider the issue of the certificate taking into account the discharge permitted under the act.

On 19 December of last year, Auckland Council wrote in a letter that the Auckland Shooting Club ranges “..may need a consent to discharge contaminants in the long term, at this stage there is no evidence of any discharge to trigger the need for a discharge consent.”

However, Auckland Council has reversed its own interpretation that it has applied to all permitted activities until now.

The RMA prohibits any discharge unless there is a specific rule. As Auckland Council has decided on its own that the only rule that allows for discharge up to a certain level has no meaning, there is no provision for any activity that has a small discharge. This means that legally Auckland Council can’t ‘give you a pass’ because a discharge is small. By its own interpretation, Auckland Council no longer has a legal basis for allowing even small discharges and must require a consent for any discharge. Auckland Council has now made many past-times illegal for New Zealanders in the Auckland region.

The result of this Auckland Council decision is that no minimum discharge is allowed without a consent. This means that no matter where you live in Auckland the following will require a resouce consent for every property on which they are conducted:
• pest control shooting (e.g. possums);
• duck shooting;
• other shooting for hunting purposes;
• target shooting of any kind;
• camping
• painting your house;
• building where there is any run-off- e.g. from concrete slabs;
• etc.

There will be many other things that you now cannot do without a resource consent. Using Wet and Forget? – Forget It. This will now need a resource consent. The application fee alone for a discharge resource consent is $11,500, and you will need consultant reports and be required to pay any other council costs. All discharge consents will also require iwi consultation.


Rigged Game

So this club has done everything right.

It has then fought off nuisance legal attacks from hippy neighbours – Who were completely unaffected by the club.

It was opened by the Police Minister herself.

Now this complete bullshit.

Our clubs are under attack.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have run the numbers with the IRD…

Shooters pay BILLIONS of dollors in tax each year.

THIS is what we get for it?


What YOU Can Do:

Email your thoughts to the mayor:

Copy the email to the Minister of Sport:

Chief Executive

The Planners:

The Prick: (The legal who made this decision for Auckland Council)f3