The Kiwi Gun Blog had read in the media that – unlike many other government departments – the Police are not automatically informed of the death of a licensed firearm owner.

Therefore it could be up to ten years before the death is discovered and an opportunity to check on the status of their guns is possible.

We checked with Police and sure enough….




So Trademe keep all our details and regularly release these to Police. With the details of ten thousand shooters sometimes winding up with criminals in their prison cells.

But Police cant be told when we die to ensure that our guns are disposed of lawfully?

While eleven other government departments DO get such a notification.

Again, this makes a mockery of Police claiming to want to ensure that guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

When they allow massive gaps in the system like this – while chasing endless new and useless legislation.

Make Your Plans Now

Please ensure that your will is up to date boys and girls.

This makes it easier for your family at a terrible time and ensures that your guns are enjoyed by legitimate shooters and never pose a threat to the safety of others.f3