…..aaaaaaaaaaaand another new political party launches. The People’s Party.

Certainly not OUR people as shooters. Or perhaps not even as New Zealanders. Here is their profile picture from the People’s Party Facebook page:


Could this be the first political party in New Zealand where not a single member was born here? Or understands our culture? Or the value that most of us place on liberty?

Yet they are all quite happy to dismantle our values soon after landing. How impossibly arrogant and entitled.

Many of our readers are the kind of immigrants who make us stronger. Who came here for the right reasons and then help defend what we have. Love ’em.

But this lot…. The strangers being run by the green party…. No.


Not one of their leadership is from New Zealand.

Indeed their leader – shown below – states on the website that the party is essentially to give immigrants a voice.


So what do they say about guns…..

The Policy

A Comprehensive Firearms Register

In 2016 40,000 firearms were imported into New Zealand, that is a lot of guns for a small country. Particularly for one with only 240,000 odd licensed firearms holders. Where these 40,000 fire arms are today is anyones guess. While New Zealand has pretty stringent licensing rules by world standards. Our lack of firearms register means that there is no way to keep track of legal firearms once they reach New Zealand’s shores. It is an interesting subject as most New Zealander’s are supportive of gun control however the current government has been reluctant to do anything about the dramatic increase in guns held by criminals.

New Zealand People’s Party will:

  • – Create a register of all guns in New Zealand
  • – Give Police the power to conduct spot checks of gun owners secure storage facilities
  • – Restrict the type of guns collectors are able to keep in working condition

Create A Comprehensive Firearms Register

All most all of New Zealand’s holders of a firearms license in New Zealand are good law abiding Kiwis. However with the rising levels of crime, more and more gun owners are finding themselves the victims of burglary. It is these stolen weapons that are being traded by criminals and used to commit crimes. A simple register of legal guns and their owners will make it easy for authorities to keep track of how many firearms are in the possession of each firearms license holder.

Increased Police Power To Inspect Collections

This data base will mean NZ Police can keep track of growing collections and the ability to conduct spot checks will ensure owners secure storage facilities are adequately expanding with their collection. The current system means Police are only able to conduct inspections when a license holder renews their license or applies to be able to own other categories of weapons.

Complete Ban on Semi Automatic Firearms

The New Zealand People’s Party do not believe anyone should be able to own Semi Automatic firearms in working condition or easily able to be reconfigured to working condition. The risk imposed by these weapons is far out weighs the rights of licensed owners to keep these weapons. While this may only affect a limited number of owners, we believe it is better to put restrictions in place before we have a problem with them. Proactive gun laws are the best way to reduce the flow of legal firearms to the black market and protect future generations.

Did The Police Union Write This?

That wording sounds very familiar does it not?

No, 40,000 guns DONT arrive in NZ each year  – as the Blog has proven.

When they do they ARE of course tracked. Permits to import, inspections, recorded with the dealers who sell them etc.

Under the People’s Party shooters would endure warrantless dawn raids. With less rights than offenders.

They would institute a useless register – proven to be of no value and then ban the most popular sporting gun in NZ. One proven not to be an issue in crime.

Oh and here they are on arming cops:

More Flexibility To Carry Firearms

The arms race between criminals and the New Zealand Police has long been lost by the Police. More and more officers are having firearms pulled on them in routine situations and finding illegal firearms in the hands of people that have traditionally been seen as low risk. As a country New Zealand needs to have an honest conversation about arming our police force, and it is a conversation we need to be proactive about. Lets not wait until more officers die before we pluck up the courage to take a good look around. In the meantime the New Zealand People’s Party want to give the Senior Station Officer the power to decide when and where general duty officers should carry firearms. Going along with this we want to see increased firearms training for officers so they are comfortable using their weapons. The Police need to be able to safely go about their work and the New Zealand public need be confident in their police force.

Yeah – assaults on officers have still not risen in over twenty years. Police numbers. Sorry.

Oh and of course boosting cop numbers…. Read this worship fest:

The New Zealand Police are the heroes of New Zealand who work on the front line everyday to keep us safe. However we are starving them of the staffing numbers they need just to do even the most basic of duties. The New Zealand Police have a world class training facility and some of the best staff, turning out well trained, well prepared junior officers.

When they are not shooting themselves, each other, citizens, handcuffed suspects, planes, cars and various buildings in error. Or accidentally discharging their tasers over five hundred times in just a few years.

Mmmm. Listen to these pros.

Contact the People’s Party

To be honest, these idiots seems incoherent and irrelevant.

But the Kiwi Gun Blog has sent them some information. You may wish to give them your views as well.


Phone : 09 846 8059, 09-8468080
EMAIL : office@nzpeoplesparty.org.nz

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