One of our readers has just won a decision against Radio New Zealand for their shonky reporting of the firearm issue.

Their first mistake was to publish and air the figures provided by the Police Union.

These were the same figures that the Otago Daily times had to apologize for using.

When will the media learn?

If you use the ‘Mistakes’ provided by Cahill and his agenda driven elite – you will lose credibility.

Again and again and….

STILL Wrong…

Even now – even after having just lost a decision – Radio New Zealand will not correct OTHER Cahill lies on the webpage version of this report.


As the Blog has proven – this is yet another Police Union lie.

It is less than HALF this number.

Less than half.

The Blog has contacted Radio New Zealand to correct this – without response.

Again – they wont even correct the lie – after being forced to correct their lie – in the same piece that generated the complaint.

We simply dont need an ‘Independent’ news service this poor. Time to de fund them.

The most shocking part of this story is that when Radio NZ were shown that a figure of 50,000 guns being stolen from shooters every year was out by – 50,000 – they were happy to not correct it.

Claiming the facts didn’t matter to the views being expressed!

Fake news.

Fake news.

Fake news.

Click here to download the decision:

Loder decision

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