The Kiwi Gun Blog has been looking into the actual processes that criminals are using to acquire weapons illegally.

One aspect is stolen Firearm Licenses.


That is both good to hear AND not good enough.

How are Police missing such basic and important stuff?

Over time?

If Trademe can be given access to a quarter of million lawful shooters – when it is literally none of their business – then why cant every gun dealer have access to a hot list of stolen licenses?

That is a pretty small phone book to check at point of sale.

There is no reason that private sellers should not be able to phone a cop to run a number.

The Drivers License Example

The Kiwi Gun Blog contacted the NZ Transport Agency to see how they do things. Even if they keep a number for life – there is an additional version number added to each issue of a license. This is needed to do any online business, can be run for problems, etc.

They did this in 1999.

So the Police are about twenty years behind.

Possession of a Stolen Firearm License

It would be interesting to see the penalties that the offenders above received. Almost certainly pitiful.

How about a new offense – ‘Possession of a Stolen Firearm License’. Ten years.

To go with ‘Possession of a Stolen Firearm’. Ten years.

It is now clear that the Police Union and Politicians are more interested in inventing problems at our end rather than dealing with the real problems at the other.

The problems of criminal offending and negligent management of the gun control system.

There does seem to be some improvement coming. Lets hope that it is quick, considered and practical.

Oh and remember – Police are still looking for the guy shown below.

He just made his own gun license….


Lost Your License?