The Kiwi Gun Blog have previously reported on the NZ Police losing more of their weapons than all three arms of our armed services. Without going to war.

Police then left a Glock behind in a parliamentary toilet. It was handed in.

Then unkind shooters recently mocked them for driving off with loaded rifle magazines on their cars and losing same.

Then we received a story from a reader…

“A friend of mine found a black box on the roadside in Napier. Upon opening box he found thirteen Glock 17 pistols inside. When he handed them into police they grilled him as to why and where he found them. When media involvement was mentioned they went quiet. Another case of police leaving something on their roof?? Who else carries around thirteen specifically ‘Glock’ pistols in a hard case??”

We asked the station involved about this but did not receive a response.

So we asked higher up and sure enough:

“I have made some enquiries.  From staff memories it seems like about 12 years ago a vehicle carrying Police training weapons had the back hatch pop open and firearms fell out.  These were returned to Police by a member of the public”. 

There seems to be a discrepancy with the year it happened but we assume that this is the same case.


“I can confirm that there are no current events like this”.


Hey – if the Police can lose a search dog then we shouldn’t be surprised.f3